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If you’re an international professional and don’t know how to blend in with the Swedes, it can feel like you’re hitting dead ends and getting nowhere fast.

Or, if you’re Swedish but would like to improve your networking skills and see real results, then this workshop may be for you too!

Amanda Herzog, the Founder of Intertalents in Sweden, is an American living in Sweden since 2017. Her experiences of navigating the Swedish job market motivated her to “crack the Swedish code” and find the secret to career success.

Get amazing results.

She is a personal branding advocate and hosts the workshop. Her students have reported amazing results:

  • Going from no responses on LinkedIn when sending messages to 3 out of 3 responding when using her messaging templates

  • Living in a remote location of Sweden in a town of less than 10,000 people to suddenly having 20 new connections in one week

  • Going from no interviews after months of applying to getting an offer for the exact job they wanted

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Empowering foreign-born professionals toward career success in Sweden.

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